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Tims CCTV Surveillance cameras is really a prime remedy specialist, complete system Integrator along with impressive solution specialist for all sorts of Electronic corperate security system.

Our business Understanding with a great number of giant jobs for supply not to mention setting up of Closed-circuit television Systems, CCTV High-end camera, Flame Security system, Home alarm system.It facilitates tracking, assessment and watching of video information originating from several video cams.

Our own techie workforce possesses a broad not to mention lengthened experience with fitting and process inclusion. Therefore they can offer helpful and best strategies to each of our clients. A CCTV Vendor with experience in Digital Tracking, IT, network setup, Entry Administration along with Electronics, we can provide whole security and safety system options in addition to Digital cameras for any clients. We offer you free technical support to our own clients along with coaching on our products and solutions.Our slogan is always to deliver superior quality products and solutions with practical selections.Our business Expert services

CCTV distant watching
Protection management within warehouse or workplace
Video Surveillance Set ups
Home theatre and audio

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